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I have found a cool Free publishing-by curation platform and you can use it by Scoopin with! This Free platform provides a service making curation…which simply means your expression threw-out the Web. Now, I’m thinking Traffic and maybe I should try this out.

It’s like having your Online Magazine! Hmmm, I wonder..can you Make Money Online with this? Well, it depends on how you look at it. You can publish your own content and others and be seen all over the Web when you and share.

How COOL is that!

I first heard about while writing a review on Giga PinTraffic. Never heard of it before and being a curious one.. that I am, I had to check this out. So, I signed up. After all it is Free to do so and started Scoopin.

Now, I’m thinking… this is a pretty good way to get Traffic back to your site and we all know to Make Money  Online you have to have traffic. I now have the! button added to my tool bar which makes things (topics) a lot easier to scoop threw out the web.

Sign up is very easy, and you can do this with your Facebook or Twitter account. If you don’t want to go threw those accounts you can always create your own account, but you will still be able to connect with them.. also LinkedIn and I suggest you connect with all.

The more..the better!

Next, you will want to create a shows you what to do, very easy and I like Easy! Start with a topic you know well.. like whatever your niche is, will be a great start.

You will have:





This is all shown in their Knowledge Base and they have great examples for you under, Get Started With

This is a lot like Pinterest instead of Now I’m sure you’re thinking.. why should you be on when you have Pinterest, that is if you are already there.

Well, in my opinion you should be on both..Most important, if your in the Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing niche you can have that as a topic. Scoop your own topic and Scoop other marketers topic and in time your topic just might be ReScooped…

Get the idea?

Fun..Entertaining and Knowledgeable!! I have already learned a great deal just by reading and Scoopin other topics. I have even made a few comments that I was interested in.

This is another way of getting yourself out there, being known by other marketers and in time you will get Traffic back to your site.

It is a good idea to have a good profile page, which means a photo of yourself.. I have written an article about this, Gravatars… it’s Free, go set up an account. Be known to others.

Start Scoopin Today with!

Make it interesting, have fun and get that Traffic flowing.. Back to your site.This is also a good way to share great information with others. Everyone loves to get informative information and has it all for you to learn and share with others.



Hope this Article is helpful to all.. Please feel free to leave a comment or share with others by using my sharing buttons.


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