Get Paid To Watch T.V.

Get Paid While Others Watch


A Brand New Way To Watch T.V.


Did you know you can Get Paid when your Friends & Neighbors Watch TV! Watch all the Free TV & Movies you want. That’s Free TV. With Giant Cinema. I like the sound of that. All you need is an Internet connection.

 Giant Cinema is in Beta Testing and you can join for free.You earn 10% of the commercial time that runs on your friends and neighbors TVs, tablets, phones, and a whole lot more.


Giant Cinema


Anytime…Anywhere and Any Size…Free T.V. that is..You Get Paid! Say what? That’s right..You can make money while others watch t.v.

 I have heard that this will be the largest viewing network in the Whole Wide World. That’s pretty cool! You see, you’ll be sharing in all the profits that the producers always make. Now 10% doesn’t sound like very much, but think about it..This is commercial time.

 Unlimited channels and Unlimited viewing. All you need is an Internet connection. Free to join and Free to watch. I have already joined and now I’m inviting you to join. Go get your head start like I did. It’s a win win situation for everyone.


Join Today..Invite Others..And Get Paid..


Giant Cinema


Watch t.v. and Make Money. I have heard that while they are in Beta Testing it allows them to work out all of the kinks before they open for business. This allows you a chance to build a big group that can bring you an income once they open. So, go see how it all works and sign up your friends before your friends sign you up!


Join today..Invite others. Just people watching TV. It’s just that simple. Watch TV and Make Money!

 Giant Cinema


Become A Spud..


When You Join Giant Cinema


That’s right! Join Giant Cinema and you become a Spud. That’s Couch Potato Spud watching Free TV.


Giant Cinema are allowing you to establish your sack of spuds! Still in Beta Testing which allows them to work out all of the kinks before they open for Business.


So, this allows you a chance to build a big group of spuds that can bring you an income once they open. Spread the word…Get your Spuds. Tell your friends and family. Gather around with your spuds watching Giant Cinema.


Now, in order to comment and see what other Spuds have to say you need to subscribe to which is a free platform that many websites use. Including Giant Cinema, so add Disqus to your site and connect to Giant Cinema..See what all the Spuds are talking about.


Disqus uses avatars so be sure to go to Gravatar and get your FREE account to add your avatar.


Once done your good to go..I have written an Article all about your FREE Gravatar account, go sign up, add your avatar and see what it’s all about..Spuds that is..

See ya there..


Giant Cinema coming soon!



 Please feel free to leave your comments below. Would love to hear your thoughts about Giant Cinema


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2 Responses to Get Paid To Watch T.V.

  1. Dean Ethridge May 29, 2014 at 2:16 am #

    Janice you do a great job on your blog. Would love for you to do a product review on Solavei if you’re interested. I sell Omnibox too which is a streaming service like this but they use a box for a TV set. Let me know if you’re ever interested in doing some of the reviews for our products and we can talk soon. Thanks Janice!

    • Jan May 29, 2014 at 2:43 am #

      Hi Dean,
      So good of you to stop by and Thank you for you comment. Very kind words indeed..:)
      I am very aware of Solavei, but have never heard of Omnibox..Reviews sounds good, will
      have to get intouch..Thank you. Be sure to check out Giant Cinema, it is Free to do so.
      It’s always good to have your eggs in many baskets. Thank you for stopping by.

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