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Internal Link Building      


                                Internal Link Building

            Tips on How & Why Link-Building Is Good SEO



Did you know that you can get a large boost through proper Internal Link Building on your site. This is a great natural way for SEO within your site and will improve your rankings with the Search Engines..


You can do this in many different ways, so let’s focus on three main areas:


1. Anchor Tex

2. Site Navigation

3. In-Context linking.



Let’s Have A Look At These.. One At A Time..



Anchor text are words that are hyper-linked. When it comes to internal link building,you can make an anchor text that will take you to different pages within your website, or link to a different place on the same page.


You do this by “Highlighting” the word or words you want to hyperlink to make your link, so your visitors can easily go to another Article on your site. You can find this within your editors menu at the top of your post. Be sure to check “new window” for your link so your visitors can come back to the original post.


Example: To link your highlighted words you should hyperlink to:




You can also make your words another color to make your Link stand out. I always use blue, but the choice is yours to make. This is sometimes called Interlinking or Internal Linking within your site.


 Some people tend to use just any old words for their anchor text. One of the most common is “Click Here”. It is best to use the name of the word or words you want your visitor to go to, unless you are trying to rank for the phrase “click here” in the search engine, you are wasting your links. Instead, use keywords in your anchor text like this:


“For more information on How Do Search Engines Work” or “Great little Software” I use…You see, use your own keywords.


By doing this it sends a signal to the Search Engines that you consider these specific words, worth linking to within your site. Remember..Don’t just put something out there and it all depends on what you’re writing about. If you’re writing an article and you can tie another article into your post naturally, that’s when you can do your Internal Linking. Make it look natural.


wso agent laptop


Remember to use Images in your Banners, yes you should use Banners with all your Articles you write. I always try to insert an image or two within my banner. It not only looks great, but I heard that Google loves images…You can link your Banner also, just by clicking on it ( usually in the left hand corner of the banner) and inserting your link. Always make it go to a new window so your visitor can get back to your Article. This is another way of Internal Linking..Interlinking within your site.



Site Navigation



Good site navigation is vital to any website, but when it comes to Internal Link Building it’s even more important. At the very least, you need to link to your most important pages from your main navigation menu. This could be your categories or your latest post or both. Also, by adding a Site Map this will help link it all together when it comes to the search engines and it has the added benefit of being easy to do. You can download a Google Site Map plugin and upload it to your site.


Be sure to add a privacy policy and contact page, as these will lend credibility to your site.



In-Context Linking



In-context linking is a combination of the above two internal link building methods. These are keyword links that go to different parts of your site. While anchor text could be found in a menu or list, in your post or to another Article. In-context linking is part of the main content on your site. It can have elements of site navigation, especially when the links help visitors move about the site in a logical way. Make it easy to go from one place to another on your site.


 There are other things that can be done, but if you do these, you will be far ahead of all of your competition that doesn’t take the time to do these basic things. The main thing to remember is that all of the words and links on your website matter; what words you choose to link and where those links go to. If you do it right, you will get a natural SEO boost, and that’s always a good thing for all.


I wouldn’t worry about doing all of this at one time. You can spread it out as time goes by. For instant..You can post your Article and add your Banners later, maybe the next day. Then the following day create your Internal Linking.




Why, would you do this in this order? You might think.. Well, it has always been said to write a post everyday to get those search engines going through out your site. This is another way of getting it done. By just adding to your Article, a post, words or links and even a Banner..You are creating natural SEO to your site. Internal Linking is a good way to get that done. This will improve your rankings with the Search Engines..


Now, if your wondering if you should do Internal Linking to every Article.. I don’t, it can be a bit much for your readers. Just use your own judgment but, it is good to let your visitors know you have more information through out your site.


Go have a look to see if your Articles can use a little Internal Link Building..You might be surprised.. If you are already doing this, that’s great.. You’re on the right track!




I truly hope this Article on Internal Link Building will be helpful to those in need..Please Share with others by using my Sharing Buttons with all.


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Feel free to leave your comments below.. Would love to know how you are doing your internal linking..







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      Thank you for stopping by, Atish..You are so right”Link Juice” is a good thing to have.Your comments are always welcome stop by any time. Hope you enjoyed my Article on Internal Link Building, something all should be doing with their articles.

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