How To Generate Traffic Using a Blog

Blog Traffic

 I am sure by now you’ve found out that there are a lot of different things you can do to Generate Traffic on the internet. Blogging is one of them..

Some take a long time and you just have to be a little patient. Some are instant.(surprise) Some are free. Free Traffic is just about the best that you can get as long as it’s the right kind of Traffic and then some take a lot of time.

However, one of the best things you can do for your business to generate traffic is to start a blog. A blog is a great way to get traffic because you can use a variety of different methods to promote it.

You can use SEO for each blog post that will help you build traffic over time. All In One SEO Pack.

This is a very popular wordpress plugin you should install on your blog. It will help you with your META and Title tags, automaticlly and specify these tags for each page or post. Once installed you will have to go to your settings, to enable this plugin.

 If you’re using something like wordpress for your blog, you’ll be able to use a variety of search engine plug-ins that will help you with doing seo.This takes a lot of the technicality out of getting good rankings for your websites.

 Another great thing about a blog is that you can focus solely on creating great content without having to worry about getting top search engine rankings.

If you create useful content, people will start linking to your blog.You’ll start receiving visitors from another trusted website.When people link to your blog it’s like they’re giving you a vote of confidence.

They’re telling their readers that you have a good website that will provide them with awesome content. Automatically you already have trust in their eyes. Whereas getting traffic from a search engine you’ll have to build the trust and it could take a long time.

Blogs are interactive so people love them.You’ll be able to read some of the comments on your blog and be able to respond accordingly which is another great way to build trust and to communicate with others.

One of the other positives about blogs is a thing called an “RSS Feed“. You will need to open an account, this is very simple since Google owns feedburner.

This will make it so your content can get syndicated by other websites and this is why it’s important that you have interesting headlines for your readers.The feed will pick up the headlines and the person will decide to read depending on how interested they are in what you’re offering.

So if you’re looking at starting a blog, you can now see the benefits of doing so.

You’ll get traffic. You’ll build trust.  You’ll build relationships.


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How To Generate Traffic Using A Blog Carnival

Blog Carnivals

 A very simple, free andvery effective way of increasing your Blog Traffic and creating more backlinks is through blog carnivals.

All you have to do to participate in a blog carnival is to type in ‘blog carnival’ in a search engine (google search) set up an account here after confirming your email address.

Once you have set up an account in a blog carnival, you have to login so that you can browse through all the carnivals and find one that fits the nitche of the blog you own.

There are usually various blog carnivals that are in your blog nitche, you have to find the blog carnival best suited for your blog as they will generate maximum traffic to your blog.

You will need to submit a good quality and original article that you have written to the blog carnival. The better your post are (article) the better chances you will have of the host including your URL in the ezine.

Try to submit your articles to the blog carnival as early as possible for a better chance of getting it featured in the blog carnival’s publication.

Different blog carnivals have different dates for updating their articles, so you need to make sure you check the date before submitting your post to the blog carnival so you will know when you can track your blog stats.

You will find that many bloggers follow blog carnivals every week, they generate traffic and if they find your post interesting, they may visit your blog just by clicking on the link you provide in the blog carnival.

If you are one of the active bloggers registered to a blog carnival, you may get chosen to host a blog carnival on a particular topic and this will get you more exposure for your blog and more Blog Traffic, backlinks to your blog..

Make sure you follow the rules of the blog carnival to avoid getting suspended and terminated. You always want to maintain a good reputation on the blog carnival.


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