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Have you been struggling with your Affiliate Marketing lately? If so, I want to give some valuable advice to you that will help you and your Business.

The one reason why people fail to make affiliate commissions is because they don’t have a scalable system in place. You need a plan and a system that works and will work for you.

There are two important things to note here:

1) Having a “system” means that it’s easily repeated, automated and  can be”hands free” if it’s done correctly.

2) If it’s “scalable”  and workable you can grow your affiliate sales and income very quickly without any kind of limits. You need to think of it as a Business and stick with a plan. Give value and help others.

Now the best way to achieve this is by following a proven system such as this one…

Generate Traffic ==>> Get your prospects to join your Email List ==>> Offer them a chance to buy through your Link ==>> Follow up with your prospects on a regular basis from different perspectives, to offer them to buy the original product – and/or services. Keep in mind that you also want to give value to others. Give information that can help others in their Business.

This is what most people call a “Sales Funnel” and is the foundation to Making Money Online very quickly. If done correctly.. It is also the foundation of Email Marketing.

All you need to do is put it together in the correct way.

But trying to do this yourself it is often pretty difficult – especially if you’re a beginner – as even doing the slightest thing wrong could make your entire Business go right down the drain. I sometimes wondered how all this was done when I first started on my long Journey. Yes it can get pretty dark down that road if you don’t know what you’re doing. You will need help… someone to guide you..lead you down that path.


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This is not always an easy task. There are things you need to know, many things to learn. How  and why they are done and you can not do it a lone. Well, I guess you can if you have the “know how”.. but if you don’t you can always get help. I’m not talking about just any help, someone that knows what their doing. Someone that can show you the ropes.. lead you down that path. If you’re struggling.. get help.

                                 Watch.. Learn.. Make Money Online

                                  ——->>  Mentoring For Marketers <<———

 Now is the time to end The Wondering Of How To Do All The Things In Any  Online Business.. Roy has Done This For 14 Long Years, And has all the Videos to Back It Up Too. He gives you options..He will pay you as an Affiliate.

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 Roy is the Go To Guy when it comes to Squeeze Pages and Email Marketing and much, much more.. Learn what the “Big Guys” don’t teach you.



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Marketing Tools


I can tell you right now Email Marketing is the right way to go. What ever niche you are in you’re going to want to capture leads threw your Sales Funnels.. Squeeze Pages. In order to do this you will need a good Hosting account and there are many to choose from. I have two in mind and I highly recommend either one..


web hosting

Bluehost… Is very well known and has Great service.. If there is anything you need help with they are there for you 24 hours a day. They will help, guide or do it for you. Also have videos for all your needs and Unlimited Domain Hosting. Unlimited GB Hosting Space, File Transfer and much more.

Hostgator… Is another Great and well known Hosting Service. They will help you with all your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They too have    Unlimited Domain Hosting, Ulimited GB Space and much, much more. The Baby Plan is the way to go and I have a Coupon Code for first sign up, you can use GreatHost4u.

Both Hosting are a Great choice and you can get a Domain name with your hosting. Before signing up you should think of a good Domain name. This is much better than having your domain hosted somewhere else. The choice is yours.. remember you should never keep all your eggs in the same basket, so it might be a good idea to use both Hosting sometimes, on down the road…just sayin. Remember, you can also be an Affiliate for both of these Hosting. It’s in your best intrest to sign up for their Affiliate Program.




This is a must matter what kind of Marketing or niche you are in. You will need an optin box and you can only have that with an autoresponder. Give something of value to collect vistorys emails.. It is a must for Squeeze Pages and Sales Funnels. There are many to choose from. If you are new at this, you’ll want something  that is easy for you, easy to use..

I Heart AWeber.comTry AWeber’s Email Marketing Tool Risk-Free Yes.. this is very easy to use, and it makes my life a lot easier. Try it out and see what you think. With every broadcast you can send out a Tweet and post to your facebook page. Pretty cool..So, go ahead and give it a test run.
I truly hope this will help those in need..I will be adding more tools on down the road, but for now.. this is a Great start.
This is an Affiliate Marketing blog with affiliate marketing links, that’s how I get paid but, I have lots of great tips and lots of great freebies for all your Marketing needs.








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