Is MillionDollarNetwork Rebranding Itself?


That would be a YES..Million Dollar Network is now CLICKTHROU. New facelift,  New Name. Socialize and Network with others. It’s a Great thing to be able to Network with Great Marketers. Great things can happen to you and your Business when Networking with others.

NetWorking with Marketers

New Great things are happening now at Clickthrou. There is a Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum where you can talk about Making Money. Now, I’m thinkin that’s a good topic..We all like Making Money! Great Marketers can make Great things happen. This is the place to learn and meet new people who network together. It’s not just all about making money, but also helping others. They are more than happy to help you out, answer your questions, give you ideas..all you have to do is ask. If they don’t know the answer they will find out for you. It’s just a great community of Great Marketers Networking together and it’s Free to join.


A Few Things You Will Find


Special Offer Forum..This is for making Clickthrou members a Special Offer, meaning the offer is “less” for members only. You should always read the rules before posting. Can’t be just anything..has to be good.

Off-Topic Forum..This is where you can discuss anything you want with other members. Chit Chat with others and have a little fun. You can also have your own blog..that’s Kinda cool! Just post whatever is on your mind.

Pages..You can create your own page. This is different from your profile page, which simply means you can advertise your product or services to all Clickthrou members. This is a great way to get that link juice back to your site.

Profile Page.. Set up your profile with a photo of yourself, let others know what you’re all about. Remember, this is another way to Brand yourself. You can also set up your Social Sharing buttons from other Social Sites that you have joined.

Clickthrou is a Great place to be, come join for FREE. Start Networking with others..






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